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Mama J's family restaurant
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An Italian restaurant & wood fired pizzeria right in the heart of Looe

Mama J’s is more than just a restaurant; it’s a warm, welcoming family kitchen where everyone can feel at home. We’ve recreated authentic Italian comfort food, as perfected by generations of Mediterranean Mamas, and we cook the Italian way – in our traditional wood-fired oven. To do our recipes justice, we buy the ripest, most flavour-oozing, lusciously fresh produce from Cornish farms and fishermen, and finish them with authentic ingredients imported from Italy.

Mama J’s – Altogether Italian

When you come to Mama J’s, you can always expect a warm welcome. Get settled down at our casual, cosy kitchen, and enjoy all the theatre of traditional Italian cooking, in a postcard Cornish setting. Listen to our huge wood-fired oven crackling away in the background, watch our pizza chefs throw their masterpieces together, and take in the rich, mouthwatering aromas of traditional Italian food. And that’s before you’ve even picked up a fork.

We LOVE eating Italian-style, and we want to share it with as many people as possible. Not just the unforgettable flavours, but the way they’re delivered: with all the passion, excitement, and affection we feel for cooking, in a setting that brings people together. At Mama J’s, every night is a family occasion.

We are also more than happy to cook you a pizza to takeaway and enjoy at home, on the beach or by our beautiful harbourside here in Looe. So much so that we will give you a big discount from our normal restaurant prices on your order.

We get extremely busy during the school holidays and our wood-fired oven can only cook so fast. On these extremely busy days there may be a long wait for take outs so on the odd occasion we may feel it is best to say ‘no’ to takeaways rather than mess you about.  Please don’t  be angry, we use traditional techniques and run a natural wood burning oven – we do our best but sometimes demand outstrips supply……sorry!

That said, 99% of the time you will get your pizza fix. If in doubt, give us a call…. 01503 262787 and we’ll let you know.

We are now closed for the winter, see you next year !